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Excavate with Confidence, Choose Cannon Hydrovac.


1 (877) 805-9196

Cannon Hydrovac Inc.

We are an excavating contractor with a fleet of hydrovacs featuring the strongest blower trucks on the market, boasting an impressive 6400cfm. This powerful machinery enables us to complete jobs with greater speed and efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings for our customers.



Cannon goes beyond the surface to deliver excellence and innovation. We prioritize our clients as our number one priority and go the extra mile to ensure their complete satisfaction. With our exceptional service, we are fully prepared to tackle even the most complex projects while upholding the highest quality standards.  Our skilled team, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, specializes in hydro excavation and material disposal management services. Safety is of paramount importance to us, and our trained workforce adheres to strict protocols, creating a secure work environment.

At Cannon, you can trust us to provide prompt, secure, and professional services that meet your needs. Our unwavering commitment to safety underscores everything we do. Partner with us for a reliable and exceptional experience.

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